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Testimonials for Steve Huff Plumbing

Highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly. - Marshall Stambovsky, MD, Johnson City, TN

Jimmy & Hunter were so very nice. I can't say enough good things about them - excellent. - Kay & Doug Littrell, Colonial Heights, TN

Dave & Rusty were professional and courteous. Left everything clean. - Joseph S. Basile, Limestone, TN

Never knew such a professional plumbing business existed. Will use again. (Jacob) - Charles Shanks, Kingsport, TN

Dave was a wonderful representative for your company. We want him if we need you again. - Paul Leonard, Bristol, TN

Quick response to call, same day service, very knowledgeable & kind technicians. - Matthew Tallman, Bristol, TN

Excellent service - Chip James was great!! - David Sullivan, Blountville, TN

Every person I have had contact with there has been polite, courteous and professional. (Jacob's job) - James DeHaas, Chuckey, TN

Chip & Rusty were very courteous and did an outstanding job. They went above & beyond. - Anneke Williams, Jhnson City, TN

Dave & Rusty were on time, friendly, clean, explained procedures, protected floors, dog friendly. - Linda Morton, Kingsport, TN

Outstanding work! (Nick) - Mike & Betty Jo Prince, Kingsport, TN

Wade worked very hard to correct the problem, outstanding personality, a pleasure to have in my home. Will highly recommend Wade & Steve Huff Plumbing. - Mimi Fink, Johnson City, TN

Jimmy & Jonathan were courteous and professional. Did a great job. Saw Reader's Choice rating & ad. - David Wolonick, Johnson City, TN

Very well pleased with work and attention to being careful. Dave & Jonathan explained the procedure. - Glenn Davis, Johnson City, TN

Staff was knowledgeable & friendly, Jimmy & Rusty. - Kathy Laws, Johnson City, TN

We appreciate the good service and courteous technician (Dave). - Wayne & Donna Whited, Gate City, VA

Did a great job in taking care of the situation, Wade & Jonathan - Jerome M. Allen, Kingsport, TN

Jimmy was excellent! I enjoyed meeting him. He went right to work and did a great job. - F.S. Baggett, Kingsport, TN

All three technicians - Chip, Jonathan & Jimmy - were excellent. Thanks again for such great plumbing service! - Scott Higginbotham, Johnson City

Dave was on time, efficient and explained what was needed. - George Poe, Colonial Heights, TN

Chip is one of my favorites. Nothing goes unnoticed. - Evelyn Widener, Kingsport, TN

I have used you several times. You are my kind of people. - Donald Reeves, Kingsport, TN

Very nice, great job and easy to understand. - Angela J. Barr, Church Hill, TN

Dave was very professional, efficient, prompt, friendly & knowledgeable. - Ethel Woods, Blountville, TN

On time, finished within time estimated, very nice to work with, very respectful. - Darcy Wetzel, Johnson City, TN

Love you guys. Diane Stickley, Bluff City, TN

Thank you for sending Dave & Jonathan. So nice. - Sylvia Sue Cate, Colonial Heights, TN

Wade & Rusty were friendly and professional. Explained everything in detail. - Dennis Eherhart, Jonesborough, TN

David was very courteous and knowledgeable. excellent experience. - Darren Freeman, Kingsport, TN

We were pleased with your service. (Wade & Jonathan) - Alice B. Williams, Kingsport, TN

Neat, clean, professional service, above & beyond, you should be very proud of Dave & Jonathan. Good planning has gone into this company.  - Sandra B. Miller, Gate City, VA

Both Jimmy & Jonathan were great. Very pleased with their work. - Michelle Kitzmiller, Kingsport, TN

Jimmy was a nice hard working young man. We plan to recommend this (company) to family & friends. - Hugh & Mollie Snodgrass, Blountville, TN

Dave & Jonathan were great - explained everything & kept me informed of their progress throughout. - Laura Woods, Kingsport, TN

Chip has an excellent attitude. - Edna Greene, Johnson City, TN

Dave & Tyler were superb - knowledgeable, took time to explain recommendations, very professional. - Laura & Chris Woods, Kingsport, TN

Dave & Jonathan were extremely courteous and professional, very comfortable with them in my home. - Lizabeth Young, Colonial Heights, TN

Chip, Wade & Tyler. Each of these guys were so kind & respectful, especially to our kids. They worked tirelessly all day & got done sooner than expected & did a great job! We were very pleased. – Andrew Becker, Gray, TN

We were so impressed by the courteous, professional demeanor & honesty. We picked you over 3 other plumbers! (Chip)- Andrew Becker, Gray, TN

Chip was courteous, efficient, polite & helpful. – Mary Ellen Hood, Jonesborough, TN

Robert Brooks did an excellent job. First time in 40 years that we are pleased with plumbing. – Bill Grover, Johnson City, TN

Wade always does a great job! – Linda Bowery, Blountville, TN

Dave was very prompt – skilled – valued as customers. – Richard & Judith Pitts, Kingsport, TN

Dave is a very professional service tech. enjoyed his pleasant nature. – Nichole Bullington, Johnson City, TN

These gentlemen were outstanding, Nick, Jimmy & Tyler. They provided excellent service. – Cathy Horton, Colonial Heights, TN

Chip was very professional. courteous & nice. – Gwen Nicksic, Kingsport, TN

Great positive attitudes, great guys, worked  hard, let me know what was going on the whole time. – Brint Glimes, Bluff City, TN

I like Wade & Tyler. Very nice guys. – Jennifer Kirby, Jonesborough, TN

Wade was great! Very professional and patient in answering questions. – Anna Walters, Kingsport, TN

Thanks, great job! Chip was great. He worked very hard. – James C. Helvey, Unicoi, TN

Great Company – Great Workers! (Chip) – Debbie Powers, Colonial Heights, TN

Wade was very helpful in answering our questions. – C. Wagner, Johnson City, TN

Wade was very polite, professional & kept me well informed of the work. He cleaned up great. I will recommend you and request those guys again. Great A++++ – William R. Hood, Erwin, TN

Wade was a very nice technician. He is professional and does a good job. – Gary Mayes – Kingsport, TN

Nick was excellent. Very neat & answered all our questions. – Gary Koenig, Kingsport, TN

Steve Huff Plumbing employees are the best! Chip was great. – Donald Luttermoser, Jonesborough, TN

Very pleased with service & Robert Brooks Jr. – Gary M. Walters, Gray, TN

Professional service. Jacob was very knowledgeable about leak. – Lisa Marcello, Kingsport, TN

It turned out to be a big job, but Wade did a great job and left the laundry room in better shape than he found it! Great job! – Shane Chess – Kingsport, TN

Very pleased with the work done. Wade was very pleasant and courteous. – Sue B. Tyner, Blountville, TN

Robert arrived on time & was very professional & courteous. – Barbara Ellsworth, Diamond Club Member, Mount Carmel. TN

Chip & Jimmy did an excellent job, as usual. Professional & courteous. – Kenneth B. Leonard, Johnson City, TN

These gentlemen  were very professional (Nick & Jacob). Thank you! – Wayne Walker, Colonial Heights, TN

Jacob was professional and did a great job. – Randy Still, Kingsport, TN

Very pleased with Dave & Jacob’s good work. – Sam France, Colonial Heights, TN

We have used you for awhile now. Nick & Jacob were awesome – so professional & kind. – Perry & Luci Jernigan, Gray, TN

Well pleased with work. (Wade) – T. Richard Harris, Kingsport, TN

Very professional, informative & courteous. Thank you! (Chip) – Michelle Emmert, Gate City, VA

Robert is a steady worker. He answered all of my questions. Thank you. – Janice Randolph, Johnson City, TN

Truly appreciate the excellent skills and kindness always shown by your technicians and personnel. (Chip) – Kenneth B. Leonard, Johnson City, TN

Chip could not have been nicer during both visits. He made sure everything was right before he left. – Janice Randolph, Johnson City, TN

Dave was a very nice, sweet fellow. – Elizabeth Rosetta Harvey, My Carmel, TN

Very dependable, Dave was very friendly and personable. – Kathy Bennett, Colonial Heights, TN

Chip & Jacob were knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant gentlemen. We enjoyed having them in our home! – James McCann, Kingsport, TN

Came to do the job earlier than expected! Thanks for great service. Team was thorough (Jimmy & Chris). - Scott & Emily Cureton, Kingsport, TN

We are extremely happy with Steve Huff Plumbing & Jacob. - Catherine Danks, Johnson City, TN

Wade is an excellent representative for your company. - David & Debbie Taylor, Colonial Heights, TN

Always good work you can depend on. - Sherry Hughes, Piney Flats, TN

Chip & Rusty were courteous, knowledgeable & professional. - William Collins, Mt Carmel, TN

Jimmy & Jonathan were very courteous and efficient. Very pleased with the service. - Karen Martin, Gray, TN

Chip & Rusty were great. They were friendly, courteous and explained things. - Barbara Ellsworth, Mt. Carmel, TN

Thanks so much for your help! We were closing the next day. (Wade & Chris)- Holly & Lloyd Davis, Colonial Heights, TN

Jimmy & Jonathan did an outstanding job! Everything is working! They were very professional, polite & personable. If we have any additional problems we will definitely call Steve Huff Plumbing. They went above & beyond! - James (Bud) & Debbie Wallace, Kingsport, TN

Wade Musick was very professional, very knowledgeable and informative. He was especially courteous & gave valuable recommendations. Grade: A+ - Kenneth Leonard, Johnson City, TN

I appreciated the information and expertise delivered with a smile. (Jimmy & Chris) - James Ramey, Kingsport TN

Best service techs ever! (Jimmy & Jonathan) Answered all questions and did above normal repairs. - Michael Elswick, Johnson City, TN

Very nice, professional & knowledgeable young men (Jimmy & Chris). - Diane Casey, Johnson City, TN

Dave is friendly, professional & hardworking. - Elizabeth Nutter, Watauga, TN

Jimmy & Jonathan were very friendly guys - Had sense of humor. - William Kick, Johnson City, TN

Chip is great & so are all your guys!! Keep it up. - Allan Renfro, Johnson City, TN

Easy fix - Dave was on time, professional & very courteous, well spoken. - Ginger Ray, Jonesborough, TN

Great service, Jimmy & Rusty. - Duncan P. Wilson, Jonesborough, TN

Dave was super nice. - Gene Brooks, Church Hill, TN

Chip was very nice and didn't mind the dogs. Service was very quick! - Emma Wolff, Jonesborough

Both Wade & Rusty were competent, efficient workers, very pleasant and courteous. - Linda Fanslow, Kingsport, TN

Great service! (Jimmy & Jonathan) - William Arnett, Johnson City, TN

Professional work done on time - problems solved. (Dave & Rusty) - Edwinna Baker, Gate City, VA

Dave Rutherford is an outstanding ambassador for your company. - Barbara Ellsworth, Mount Carmel, TN.

Excellent - very polite - superb. (Jimmy)- Ray & Ava Walker, Colonial Heights, TN

Very clear on service & pricing based on info given. (Wade) - Cindy McBrayer, Johnson City, TN

Great job done on a timely basis. (Jimmy) - Steven Addington, Kingsport, TN

Rusty & Wade did an OUTSTANDING job!!! Will definitely call again and recommend to others. - Christopher Rice, Jonesborough, TN

Chip was wonderful. Couldn't have had better service. - Matina Farmer, Church Hill, TN

High $, but I knew I had a professional, which was worth it! (Chip) - Donald Rice, Elizabethton, TN

Excellent job. Problem solved. Thank you. (Jimmy) - Ed Herbert, Bluff City, TN

Superfast, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly! Chip & Jacob were simply excellent. - Anthony Brown, Kingsport, TN

Great service by Wade! - Melissa Brooks, Surgoinsville, TN

Chip was great. He would not give up until everything worked well. - G. M. Chudzik, Bristol, TN

Always impressed with expertise of staff (Wade) & customer service. - Brenda Getaz, Johnson City, TN

Jimmy was great! He went above & beyond and got everything up & flowing properly. - Tammie Sader, Erwin, TN.

Dave presented himself extremely well - was knowledgeable, listened & explained things well. - Opal Stephens, Kingsport, TN.

Jimmy was very pleasant and did an excellent job. – Richard Knode, Jonesborough.

Thank you for the prompt & efficient service. I was very pleased. (Jimmy) – Barbara Short, Colonial Heights, TN

No surprises! Wade answered all our questions. – Dale Farmer, Church Hill, TN

Dave & Jimmy were very courteous and wanted to leave me as a happy customer. – Sharon G. Lane, Blountville, TN

I don’t think I’ll ever use another service for plumbing needs. Thank you Wade! – Janie Stout, Johnson City, TN

The men were great, Wade, Tyler & Robert. Could not ask for any better. Worked very hard!  – Linda S. Morrison, Johnson City, TN

Chip was very knowledgeable, polite & efficient. He gave us great advice.  – William & Teri Block, Jonesborough, TN

Dave did an awesome job. – Patsy Brown, Colonial Heights, TN

Chip was very knowledgeable, clean, friendly! Work done quickly and thorough – Mark Redd, Johnson City, TN

Dave did a great job, was a gentleman & very professional. – Melissa Stanley, Jonesborough, TN

Service man Dave was very courteous and explained the work that needed to be done. – Robert Kesner, Blountville, TN

Excellent service again!! You guys do it right. I love Steve Huff Plumbing. – Bob Hefty, Mortgage Investors Group, Johnson City, TN

Wade is excellent! Does super job, very pleasant & explains what he does. – David Penley, Kingsport, TN

Workmen very efficient. (Chip & Jimmy) – T.R. Harris, Kingsport, TN

Dave was very nice & friendly. He had an excellent attitude about wanting to fix our problem. Thanks Dave! – Bobby G. Storey, Johnson City, TN

Wade was courteous & efficient. A pleasure. – Judy Grover, Kingsport, TN

If I need any more work done in the future I know who to call – Keep up the good work! – William Bellamy, Colonial Heights, TN

Dave was very helpful & nice. – Amy Folck, Johnson City, TN

Robert was courteous and efficient. He was also very careful to be clean. We appreciate his work. – Sam & Dianna Murray, Church Hill, TN

My father & I have always had great service from Steve Huff Plumbing. (Wade) – Michael L. Carter, Johnson City, TN

Robert was very helpful in explaining work & super professional. – James Stanley, Jonesborough, TN

Dave was a very nice person! – Hannah Bowman, Johnson City, TN

Thank you Bob (Robert) for an expeditious repair in a 53 year old house! – Guthrie Earl Farrar, Kingsport, TN

Your entire staff is excellent! Chip was outstanding & went above & beyond! – Roger Cox, Johnson City, TN

Serviceman was prompt, courteous and efficient! (Robert) – Mike Jaskoski, Colonial Heights, TN

We have never been disappointed with your service. Thank you! (Chip) – Michelle Marchessault, Piney Flats, TN

Robert Brooks is a great representative for your company. We will ask for him for future needs. He is extremely courteous and professional. Answers and explains questions. A valued employee. – Pat Dellinger, Colonial Heights, TN

Work was very well done by Wade. – David Salley, Blountville, TN

It was so nice to have punctual and courteous service by Wade! – Kathy Bennett, Colonial Heights, TN

Nick was outstanding!! Always courteous, friendly and professional!! I wouldn’t use anyone else!! – Vickie Roberts, Elizabethton, TN

Dave did an exceptional job with my plumbing needs! He was very professional and friendly too. – Valerie Moore, Gray TN

Very pleased – Chip was awesome!! – Shelia Gwaltney, Johnson City, TN

Dave Rutherford was great! He was pleasant and did a quick, professional job. – Donald Luttermoser, Jonesborough

Nick was great! Very personable and efficient. Called and let us know it would be awhile, but got the work done quickly when he arrived. I have used your services in my businesses and also family & friends have used and very pleased each time. Thanks. – Bill Donaldson, Johnson City, TN

Dave was excellent! Worked cleanly and pleasant to talk with. Thanks! – Jennifer Adler, Kingsport, TN

Robert knew what he was doing. Work was very professional. – D.A. Gerstner, Johnson City, TN

My husband & I love Dave & Tyler. All of your employees seem like family to us. – Jane Willingham, Elizabethton, TN

Dave Rutherford did an excellent & efficient job. – Jack & Mary Ellen Hood, Jonesborough, TN.