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Steve Huff Plumbing provides plumbing services & repairs to Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Elizabethton & the surrounding Tri-Cities Areas.


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Providing plumbing services and repairs to Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Elizabethton, TN and the surrounding Tri-Cities Area. At Steve Huff Plumbing, we understand the importance of hiring an expert plumber, so we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality service at competitive prices.

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Clogged Drain

It doesn’t make any difference whether the clogged drain is at your home or business. We have the high speed ‘rooter’ and high pressure jetting equipment that can get the job done quickly.

Toilet Troubles

If your toilet is “gurgling”, leaking water into your floor or ceiling, the water bill is too high or even if you have one of those ‘water saver’ toilets which require flushing and lots of plunging – Steve Huff Plumbing can quickly and economically solve your problem.

Broken Disposal

If the disposal is jammed, just won’t run, or in need of replacement, Steve Huff Plumbing can solve the problem.

Water Leaks

A dripping faucet is annoying and probably has been for weeks. A leak in a hidden pipe is a nightmare. Our experts use their years of training to minimize your cost and make it a little more pleasant experience.

No Hot Water

Gas, electric, residential or commercial, about 62% of the time our factory trained technicians can get your hot water back on without replacing your water heater. If you do need a new water heater, we will normally have it installed in less than two hours, saving you both time and money.

Blocked Sewer

Blocked sewers are usually one of two problems. Either you have a broken line or tree roots. Steve Huff Plumbing is the only company in the Tri City area that has Drain Vision. This unique machine allows us to find your real problem quickly and virtually eliminates call-backs.

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Join our Diamond Club

Diamond Club members receive an annual 200+ point inspection to proactively identify any potential plumbing issues in your home. During that inspection, we inspect all the plumbing in your home. We flush your water heater to get rid of buildup. We check your water lines to look for signs of aging or damage. And we check your gas lines and any appliances in your home that use water or gas. Additionally, Diamond Club members receive member-only discounts, extended warranties, reduced service fees, and front-of-the-line priority service on emergency calls.

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