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Low Water Pressure Can Hinder Numerous Everyday Tasks.

Thankfully, you can get the issue fixed. However, you first need to identify which of the several low water pressure causes affects your water systems. So, if you observe low water pressure around a single faucet or all faucets at your home, contact your nearby plumbing services immediately. This blog post will discuss some of the most common causes of low water pressure at home. Here are the four common causes of low water pressure at home:

  1. Leakage in the Plumbing Lines

Plumbing leaks are one of the leading causes of low water pressure. Due to the leak, the water either flows to another pipe or leaks extensively, wasting the water. Consequently, the water pressure lowers in the faucet with leaking pipes. If not addressed quickly, plumbing leaks can also cause other issues. 

The leakage in pipes is mainly due to old plumbing lines. You can spot these leaks by observing where there’s a pool forming in your basement. Moreover, you can temporarily tie a rubber patch around the leaking spot to prevent more water from wasting. 

This temporary fix is good until you get plumbing services from a reputable company. 

  1. Partially Open Water Valve

The water shutoff valve is the main valve of your home’s water lines. Therefore, when this valve is partially open, the water pressure can drop significantly as the water passing this valve into the branched pipelines is low. The quickest fix is opening the water shutoff valve entirely for fast-flowing water. 

  1. Pipe Blockage Due to Build-Up

Water pipes often have stuck mineral deposits, food particles, and other dirt and debris that build up over time and cause pipe blockage. Thus, the water flow in these pipes lowers as the water doesn’t have enough space to move through them. 

  1. Corroded Pipelines

Corroded pipelines are standard in old houses. These houses mainly have pipelines made from galvanized steel. Though homeowners and plumbers extensively used this material in previous decades for plumbing solutions, modern solutions are more long-lasting. Consequently, galvanized steel pipes are now outdated and can rust easily. 

Corrosion gradually causes the pipes to break and leak, lowering the pressure of water flowing through them. Hence, you need a swift plumbing repair service to fix this issue. Once your home’s water pipelines are replaced with modern models, the low water pressure shouldn’t be an issue. 

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Low water pressure is a common issue for numerous households nationwide. However, you can fix this issue in no time with immediate care and expert plumbing services. If you live in Kingsport, Johnson City, or the nearby Tri-cities Area in Tennessee and need expert plumbing services, get in touch with Steve Huff Plumbing. Our qualified personnel will thoroughly check the home for any low water pressure causes, and they will fix the issue timely.

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