Is Your Water Bill Running High? Here’s What May be Wrong

High water bills can put significant dents in your wallet. This issue is frequently observed during summer when water consumption increases. However, if you’re facing this issue without changes in water consumption, there might be some other concealed issues.

This blog post will discuss several common reasons your water bill runs high. 

5 Major Reasons for High Water Bills

Here are the five most prevalent issues that can result in a high water bill:

  1. Continued Usage of Fixtures and Toilets That Are Obsolete 

Your bathroom’s outdated, malfunctioning fixtures and toilets may be dripping water at different locations throughout the plumbing system. Since the water gets wasted from these issues, your monthly water bill may go up.

  1. Leaks in Underground Plumbing

High water costs are also a subtle sign of underground plumbing leaks. Long periods may pass before these breaches are discovered. Look for any symptoms of water damage if your home is old and has lead plumbing. 

Examining your water meter before and after two days when no water is used is the best approach to finding subsurface plumbing leaks. There is a strong possibility of a nearby underground leak if the water meter reading has changed substantially (by over 10%).

  1. Leaks in the Irrigation Lines or Pipes

Your landscaping needs water to stay fresh. That’s why an irrigation system with an ample water supply is essential. However, if there’s a leak in the irrigation lines or pipes, it could spike your water bill significantly.

You’d mainly notice dampness in a particular part of the garden, making it easier to spot these leaks. Once you spot them, immediately contact a reliable plumber for an efficient fixture of the pipes. 

  1. Errors With Water Meters

It might be time for an upgrade if your water meter is an outdated model that reads on a dial instead of a display unit. A new meter can assess actual usage instead of anticipated consumption, producing a more accurate bill. If it doesn’t have an automatic reset feature, it won’t correctly reset. So, it would be best if you were sure the one you choose has the automatic reset option.

  1. Habits That Waste Water

Your water bill may go up due to your water wastage. For instance, It could be more expensive to maintain a fixture like a fountain or a garden hose if you run it daily.

If any of these below-listed habits apply to you, you are likely to have a high water bill: 

  • If you have an automatic watering system that waters your garden continuously, even when it isn’t raining, you might be utilizing too much water.
  • Your toilet features a dual flush, which uses less water to flush yet continues to flush until the tank is empty before restarting.
  • You’re employing a washer or dishwasher that utilizes more water than similar appliances.

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