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Steve Huff Plumbing can fix your Faucet or Valves!

If the washer has become too worn prior to replacement, the metal will grind against metal and damage the valve seat. Water particles and mineral deposits can become trapped between the seat and the washer so that closing and opening the faucet handle grinds the particles inside and damages the seal beyond simple washer replacement.

Removing a faucet seat requires a special seat wrench. After removing a seat, it can sometimes be fixed by rubbing it on a piece of sandpaper placed on a hard, flat surface to even out the face of the seat.

If the seat needs replacing, take it with you when hunting a new one. There are hundreds of different seats.

To view our complete line of faucets, please click the Wolverine Brass link below to choose your new faucet.  That’s the faucet we recommend – and use in our own homes.

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