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Why Consider a Humidifier?

Our climate can be gross with humidity during the summer months. No one thinks about humidification then. Why would we? 

But come winter, maintaining proper humidity levels inside is crucial. Dry indoor air during the heating season can cause both health and comfort issues:

  • dry skin
  • chapped lips
  • sinus congestion
  • respiratory problems

With home humidification, you can alleviate these problems as well as create a more pleasant atmosphere for your family. 

BONUS: when you optimize your home’s humidity, you can also help protect your valuable wood furniture, floors, and musical instruments from damage caused by dry air. (Acoustic instruments like pianos, guitars, and violins suffer undue stress when subjected to constantly varying humidity levels.)

How Steve Huff Delivers Humidifier Services

Like everything else we do, our experienced HVAC technicians follow a systematic approach to humidifier services tailored to our unique climate.

First, we assess your home’s specific needs and recommend the most suitable type of humidifier, such as evaporative, ultrasonic, steam, or impeller models. Each type has its unique advantages and works differently to add moisture to the air. 

Since our humidity levels fluctuate throughout the year and each home is different, our technicians may suggest a humidifier with adjustable settings to ensure the best possible performance year-round. 

Once you’ve selected the appropriate humidifier, our technicians will professionally install it. And we’ll ensure it integrates seamlessly with your existing HVAC system. 

We also provide regular maintenance and cleaning services to keep your humidifier functioning optimally. Failure to keep it clean can lead to some nasty consequences: bacteria and mold that gets dispersed into the air and mineral build-up that reduces the life and effectiveness of your humidifier.

What We Include In Our Humidifier Services

Expect a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific requirements as well as the unique demands of our climate. Our services include:

  1. In-depth consultation to determine the best humidifier type for your home and our local climate
  2. Professional installation of your selected humidifier
  3. Integration of the humidifier with your existing HVAC system
  4. Regular maintenance visits to ensure optimal performance in every season
  5. Thorough cleaning of the humidifier to prevent bacterial and mold growth
  6. Monitoring of humidity levels to maintain the ideal range for your comfort and health, considering the seasonal changes

Why Not Do It Yourself?

We get it. Installing and maintaining a home humidifier on your own seems like a good way to save money now. But… 

It can lead to expensive repairs and even health problems down the road.

  • If the humidifier is not installed correctly, it can leak and damage your home’s structure, walls, or floors. 
  • When humidifiers are not properly connected to your home’s heating and cooling system, they may not work efficiently. That can lead to higher energy costs and poor humidity control. 
  • If you don’t clean your humidifier regularly and thoroughly, it can become a place where bacteria, mold, and minerals grow. From there, they spread into the air. And that stuff in your home air can potentially make your family sick. 

Our humidity levels change a lot throughout the year, so it’s especially important to have a professional assess your home’s specific needs. Just as important, maintain your humidifier so it works well in every season. 

We possess the experience, expertise, and precision necessary to deliver exceptional results tailored to you. With Steve Huff, you can rest assured that your home’s indoor air quality will be optimized for your comfort and well-being throughout the year.

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