water heater maintenance tips

Who doesn’t love a hot shower? But to get hot water, you need a water heater. However, that’s not the only function a water heater performs. It also helps to kill germs as hot water wipes germs and bacteria more rapidly from dishes or any other part of your home.

But to ensure you get a constant hot water supply, water heater maintenance is essential. Without proper maintenance, you might have to opt for lengthy water heater repairs or replacement altogether.

Read on to discover the top 3 tips to maintain your water heater.

3 Tips to Maintain Your Water Heater

Here are the 3 tips that can keep your water heater maintained:

1.      Annual Flushing

When your water heater is used regularly, it can cause a buildup of sediment. While that isn’t damaging to your heater, it can impact the efficiency. That’s why experts suggest you flush out all the water from the heater and clean the sediment buildup annually.

First of all, you should shut off the water supply and power off the heater. Next, attach a hose to your heater to drain it completely. But make sure you wait a bit before draining so the water can cool down.

Now you can clean the tank. Once you’re done, refill the tank and then power it back on. Never power an empty water tank, as it can put needless strain on your heater.

2.      Insulate Your Tank

Tank insulation is one of the best water heater maintenance tips. Besides reducing your energy bills by allowing the heater to heat water by consuming less energy, insulation can also extend the heater’s life.

Since no heat can escape the tank, less energy is consumed. This requires less energy to heat and also reduces the strain on the system, which serves to extend its lifespan.

3.      Avoid Extremely High Temperatures

In most cases, water heaters are set at 140 degrees. Such a high temperature is impractical and can often lead to burns.

Ideally, you should set the heater at a temperature of 120 degrees or lower. It helps lower your energy bills and ensures you don’t sustain any burns or other injuries.

Call in the Pros

Regular maintenance and inspections of the water heater can help identify potential issues early on. This makes water heater repairs less expensive. But it is wise to call in an expert to make the repairs instead of handling them yourself. Reach out to Steve Huff Plumbing by calling (423) 239-8361. Our experts specialize in heating both electric and gas water heaters.