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Water and Sewer Line Repiping

plumbers using shovel and equipment to dig trench for plumbing pipe

Steve Huff Plumbing can fix your water and sewer lines!

Inside or outside your home, We have the knowledge and equipment to re-pipe water or sewer lines and bring them back to perfect.

Water lines — If your home has galvanized water lines, over time the flow of water will become restricted by the build-up of lime and calcium on the inside of the pipe. This will decrease the volume of water available to use more than one fixture at a time. For example, your water pressure would be low if you tried to take a shower and run the dishwasher at the same time.

Sewer Lines — Having to clear a clog in a sewer line more than once a year is just treating a symptom of a bigger problem. The problem could be a broken pipe or roots in the line. In either case, we have the equipment to see inside the pipes and determine the exact problem. Remember perfect plumbing does not stop up.

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