Water damage and flooding are every homeowner’s biggest nightmare. While many underlying causes can lead to flooding, most people don’t realize that their washing machine hoses can also be the culprit. In fact, washing machine hose bursting is one of the biggest causes of severe water damage at home.

But why do washing machine hoses fail? If you’re wondering the same, keep reading to find an answer to your queries.

Why Do Washing Machine Hoses Fail?

One of the biggest causes of hose failure is tied to the use of rubber. Rubber hoses aren’t the most durable. Over time, they start to lose their flexibility and become brittle. Moreover, they become more prone to leaks and cracks. Consequently, it can cause the pipe to burst.

Besides the use of rubber, the washing machine hose can also sustain damage due to constant wear and tear. Water is continuously running through the hose at the same pressure that’s used in your faucet. Eventually, that leads to the pipes giving in to daily wear and tear.

Why Washing Machine Hose Failure is Concerning

When the hose bursts, it causes water to flow out at a rate of almost 650 gallons per hour, which means your home will be filling up with water at 6 gallons per minute. Just imagine how much water will flow within 5 minutes. And if you’re not home, it can lead to serious water damage that is not only a hassle but also expensive on the pocket.

How to Prevent Washing Machine Hose Failure

While hose failure can be no less than a nightmare, there are ways to reduce the risk of damage. For starters, you should always be on the lookout for any signs of cracks, discoloration, or any other potential issue with the rubber pipe. If you spot any problems, get your pipes replaced immediately.

But a more efficient solution would be to install stainless steel braided hoses over the rubber ones. These are more robust and aren’t prone to failure. Plus, they don’t need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years because of their durable nature.

Get Your Washing Machine Hose Replaced by Steve Huff Plumbing

Don’t wait for an incident to happen; take action now and get your washing machine hose replaced before it can burst. Steve Huff Plumbing can replace your rubber hose with a stainless steel one. Reach out to us today by calling (423) 239 – 8361 or dropping an email at service@stevehuffplumbing.com to learn more about our services.