Tankless water heater installation

Tankless water heaters are becoming widely popular due to their functionality and efficiency. Whether
you buy a gas or an electric tankless water heater, there are some things you must know about this
innovative technology.

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How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

A tankless water heater differs from traditional water heaters with enormous tanks to store water.
Therefore, people need clarification about how tankless water heaters work.

When someone turns on the hot water tap, a tankless water heater heats up the cold water using gas or
electricity. The water first passes through the tank to heat up before circulating back to the pipeline for

3 Things to Know About Tankless Water Heater Installation

Here are the three things you should know about tankless water heaters before purchasing them.

1. The Upfront Cost of Tankless Water Heater Installation Is Relatively High

There’s no surprise that with innovation comes higher installation prices. The same is true for tankless
water heaters. Whether you install an electric tankless water heater or opt for a gas-fired one, you’ll
have to pay high upfront costs for installment.

Does this issue make you want to reconsider your decision of tankless water heater installation? Please
keep reading to find out how this price will be worth it.

2. Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy Bills

Tankless water heaters have replaced traditional systems in numerous households, not due to their
design but their efficiency. A tankless water heater doesn’t require too much energy to heat the water.
It heats the water whenever you turn on the tap, and when you turn it off, it doesn’t use any energy.

So what does this high efficiency mean? It means that without excessive energy usage with tankless
water heaters, you’re saving up to 50% of your energy bills. Hence, consider the initial cost as an
investment for a cost-effective system that pays you long-term.

3. Tankless Water Heaters Are Environment Friendly

For all the environment-conscious friends, here’s some good news: Tankless water heaters are
environmentally friendly.

Since you’re heating the water on demand, you aren’t wasting any cold water as you wait for the heater
to work its magic. Moreover, you are already saving energy with tankless water heaters, making this
technology environment-friendly.

Therefore, tankless water heater installation might be wise if saving the environment and energy bills is on your to-do list.

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Tankless water heaters are worth the investment as the initial cost only pays in the future by reduced

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