Outdoor frost-proof faucet

During winter, outdoor structures become more vulnerable to issues due to increased exposure to
freezing temperatures. However, if you have an outdoor frost-proof faucet installed, you don’t have
much to worry about.

Read in this blog post why outdoor frost-proof faucets are worth the hype and why you should join this
trend too.

What Is an Outdoor Frost Proof Faucet?

An outdoor frost-proof faucet is designed for outdoor uses to prevent the issue of freezing pipes. During extreme winters, various cold regions have this issue where their outdoor pipes burst due to freezing.

How Does a Frost-Free Faucet Work?

During winters, the water inside the pipes freezes, which requires space to expand. However, since
pipes aren’t quite elastic, they expand and tear. As the temperature rises, water starts flowing again,
and these tears leak with water.

An outdoor frost-proof faucet is different from a regular outdoor faucet. The latest technology only has
the tap situated outside while the entire pipe through which water flows is situated inside the home
where the temperature is relatively high. Hence, there is no chance of water freezing inside the pipes
and bursting them open with outdoor frost-proof faucets.

Benefits of an Outdoor Frost-Proof Faucet

Here are some of the benefits of an outdoor frost-proof faucet that can help you decide whether this
unique solution is worth your time.

Reduced Risk of Pipe Burst

Pipe bursts are quite common during winter, especially if you reside in a region where it snows heavily.
As discussed, the water stored in the pipes freezes and requires space to expand. As it expands, it bursts the pipes, which becomes a major issue once the season changes.

With an outdoor frost-proof faucet, you can rest assured that the water won’t freeze or burst the pipes.
Since the pipes are attached to the home’s interior, where the temperature doesn’t reduce to freezing,
there is no chance of the water freezing.

Reduced Risk of Contaminated Water Backflow

Another prevalent issue with regular faucets is the risk of backflow of contaminated water. As the
temperature rises, the frozen water backflows toward the water supply system, contaminating the
entire supply.

With a frost-proof faucet, you don’t have to worry about this issue as there’s no contaminated stored
water, to begin with, from the outdoors. The pipe is located inside, safe from any contamination.

Necessary Precautions

While frost-proof faucets are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it’s still important to
take some necessary precautions with this device:

● Disconnect all the hoses from your outdoor faucet before winter begins to prevent pipes from

● Yearly maintenance will keep the system working efficiently for years.

● Use an insulation cover to keep your frost-proof faucet from freezing.

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