Common Myths About Plumbing
Check out these common myths about your plumbing

Are you searching for easy ways to enhance your home’s plumbing? Don’t rely on old wives’ tales without verifying their effectiveness. Many plumbing misconceptions have confused homeowners for ages. To avoid making a mistake, have a look at these four common myths about plumbing.

Five Common Plumbing Myths Debunked

1.     Myth: Lemons in the Garbage Disposal Make It Smell Good

You may have heard of the myth that tossing lemon peels in your garbage disposal freshens it. Unfortunately, this method does not permanently eliminate the odor. However, there is a simple and effective solution to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh throughout the summer. You can achieve this by using a combination of ice cubes, vinegar, and baking soda.

2.     Myth: A Dripping Faucet is No Big Deal

The continuous dripping from your faucet may appear insignificant, but it is not only wasting water but also your hard-earned money. Even a minor leakage can result in gallons of water wastage over time. Avoid losing your money to dripping faucets by calling Steve Huff Plumbing to fix the problem quickly. This way, you can save your wallet and the environment.

3.     Myth: Flushable Wipes Are Safe for Your Plumbing

Imagine those flushable wipes, promoted as a convenient substitute for toilet paper. Although they boast about being flushable, they may not be as kind to your plumbing system as you’d think. Despite being labeled as “flushable,” these wipes have been known to cause blockages and clogs in pipes, which can result in costly repairs. To ensure a trouble-free plumbing system, it’s recommended to avoid using flushable wipes and stick to using only toilet paper.

4.     Myth: You Don’t Need to Service Your Water Heater Regularly

Your water heater works hard day and night, ensuring you have hot water for that invigorating morning shower or relaxing evening bath. But here’s the truth: neglecting regular maintenance can leave you in a cold, uncomfortable situation. Regular maintenance for your water heater is crucial to avoid issues like sediment buildup and leaks. Schedule an annual check-up with Steve Huff Plumbing, to keep it running efficiently and avoid unexpected cold showers.

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Stay informed about plumbing myths and maintain your system effectively. Contact Steve Huff Plumbing if you need guidance navigating the complexities of plumbing. Stay curious, ensure smooth pipe function, and enjoy your plumbing experience!